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WHO we are - Team of Professionals

doneMore than 30 years of collective experience of company leaders in shipping

doneSpecially dedicated high graduation - deep knowledge

doneGood expertise, serious experience and real practice ("at-the-site" and "afield") in the industry for/of over 10 years

doneSolid background and track records

doneRecognized community members

donePartner offices in West Europe, Asia and the Middle East


For Cargo-Owners, Traders and charterers

Port and international forwarding

Multimodal transport solutions

Full A-Z ship-chartering service

Chartering management

Project and specialized transport

Ship sale and purchase

Cargo survey

CIF and FOB deliveries management


For Shipowners and Operators

Ship and port agency








Ship sale and purchase


fixing, disputes settlement

qualified management over dedicated processes

interaction and cooperation with adventure participants and other parties connected and involved

business, commercial and operational correspondence

documents and paper routine

tracking and monitoring, planning and forecasting, notifying


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